Location Based Advertising
Welcome to MAPCOM, specialists in ‘Location Based Advertising’. Our mission, put simply is to get your business locations highlighted accurately in the digital maps used in millions of SatNavs, Smartphones and then to give you the power to reach out to consumers through our unique Location Point Advertising message campaigns.

Maps and location based services are the most sought after ‘apps’ in the booming smartphone industry so it stands to reason that your brand and venue(s) need to show up in to this market. MAPCOM’s USP lies in our ability to give brands the power to reach millions of smartphones regardless of make through one service. Once we have you registered we can then give you the tools to ensure, not only that consumers can find your location(s) but that you have the ability to incentivize them to visit you today. This we call our ‘push and pull’ strategy.

Location-based advertising allows you to target consumers as they come into your area. You can send coupons, incentives or any other message directly into their handset or in-car device. The technology is used to pinpoint consumers location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices.  “Location based technology has tremendous potential to outperform other types of advertising as the mode of delivering the advertisements is a mobile device which is ubiquituous.”  Source: Wikepedia.